Not all Marriage and Family Therapists are Created Equal

Written By Alex Slattery

Kristin Moorehead, the owner of S.A.G.E Therapy Center in Carlsbad, is the type of licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) that you would be fortunate to work with. I can speak from experience. Through thoughtful therapy sessions, she has a natural ability to identify the root cause of your issues and give you tools to use. This will allow you to begin to let go of the things holding you back from living the full and happy life you deserve.

How does she and the other therapist at S.A.G.E do this? By having the same struggles that you have and working through them. 

If you were climbing Mt. Everest, would you want your guide to be someone who had climbed the mountain before or someone who had just read about it? Chances are you would want someone who had been there… right where you are but had made it out on the other side with more joy in their lives and a clearer perspective. 

I, like a lot of people, have struggled with my own issues. Kristin was able to immediately identify what was holding me back and move me toward a clearer outlook and an inner peace that I had not known before. Our work together has given me a healthier mindset and an ability to find gratitude in all things… even the painful events in life. 

If you are struggling with individual, marriage or any relationship issues please reach out to Kristin at S.A.G.E Therapy Center. It will be painful I won’t lie…but coming out on the other side will be freedom and happiness unlike any you have experienced before!

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