You Too Can Have the Luck of the Irish

As St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated many wonder if they’ll have a little extra luck.  Leprechauns have luck.  However, do people? Yes, people have luck and success.  However, it isn’t something that just happens. Luck is within everyone and no one person is lucky or unlucky.  Luck is reveled from within oneself, similar to a person who strives for success or happiness. The more self aware you are of little signs of luck the more often you’ll feel lucky.  With this, positive momentum is gained, and luck occurs more and more often. 

We often explain to our patients that luck is not landing that dream job or winning the lottery.  Luck is finding a space to park, it’s getting your kids to school on time or finding a single penny on the sidewalk.  Luck, like success also takes a little effort.  You have to put a little effort into getting that promotion or organizing your schedule to be on time.  If you put in the effort and recognize small successes as lucky, you will start to manifest more luck, perhaps in a new partner, finding a $20 bill in your pocket or simply be able to take some much needed time for yourself……at the end of rainbow. 

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Renee Mullen