Tips to Help with Back to School Anxiety in Children

From excitement to anxiety….the first day of school for our kids is hard for the whole family and should be addressed.

It can be the first day at a new school, first day of Kindergarten or the first day of high school helping our kids adapt to their new schedule is crucial.

So what can we as parents do to help with the transition?

•   Stick to a Routine – from when the kids wake up to most importantly a REGULAR BEDTIME

•   Go to the school and take a tour and meet the teacher if possible

•   Talk to your child about what school will entail and ask them for how they are feeling about this new chapter of their lives. LISTEN and ACKNOWLEDGE them.

•   Do a trial run to school – dropping them off and letting them know the pickup routine

•   Give your child time to adjust. Let them be needy, it will pass.

So what do we do if our children want us to come in with them the first few days of school? You go in with them to help facilitate the transition. Any age? YES.

Checking in at the dinner table with your kids or at bedtime is the perfect time to hear about their day. It’s a time to reassure them and problem-solve. Although we as parents mean well, try not to apply your own experiences to your child’s life as it may just heighten their anxiety.

The reality is that the back to school jitters will melt away for most children. If your child is still struggling after a month or two it might be time to investigate further.

All of the therapists at S.A.G.E Therapy have children and the specialties to help with children needing some assistance.