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Friends with Benefits, Romantic Connections and Genuine Friendship

How to Make New Friends, Meet New People and Build Close Relationships

As human beings, we each need close relationships in our lives to thrive and be well. When we think of the words close and relationship in the same sentence… we usually think about intimacy, which is why making distinctions, is important. You can be close to someone and not be intimate. The quality of your interdependence characterizes a close relationship. Relationships can intensify from a friendship to romance as time goes on. The dynamics between two people can begin as being acquaintances and overtime flourish into a genuine best friend.

Throughout your life, there will be people that you connect with quickly and easily and there will be ones who remain as someone you know in passing. Being close to, someone will depend on you and the person you are involved with the level of expectation each of you have and how much time and effort you are willing to devote to each other. Closeness can vary greatly according to factors like rewards/benefits, costs/vulnerability, satisfaction/fulfillment, stability and security. How close you want to be with someone will depend on your level of self-discloser.


“Physical connections are more common, but mental connection is rare, if you find it hold onto it.”


Friends with Benefits and Romantic Connections

A friend with benefits is a very complicated situation. People do it to avoid drama and to have some sort of intimate connection without being tied up in emotions. The reality is… when you are physically involved with someone you already care for, the emotions can build up quickly, and the problems can spin out of control because the label itself implies that either one or both of you aren’t deserving.

Humans are emotionally complicated and because this is true, they make situations even more complicated. Love, true friendship, and happiness begin and end with you being honest with yourself. It is not something or someone that is holding you back from being in a happy health relationship… it is you. Let yourself be open and life will become easier…


“To love someone is nothing, to be loved by someone is something. But to be loved by the one you love is everything.”

~Paul Coelho

Genuine Friendship

Friendships are some of the most valuable relationships we have. Close friends add meaning to your life and help you in times you need them the most. Not everyone you meet will be someone you become close to… there will be ones who remain your acquaintances and ones you becomes so close to you can tell them anything. Building close relationships in your life is important to your happiness and mental wellbeing… with this SAGE advice we offer you some insight….

How to Make New Friends, Meet New People and Build Close Relationships:

•   Making new Friends: meeting new people can be scary but it just takes pushing yourself a little. Try volunteering, joining a class or club, inviting a neighbor out, connecting with your alumni association, and attending art galleries, book reading, lectures, or anything else that you are interested in. The chances of you meeting new people who have similar interests are higher when you get involved with things you like.

•   Building Close Relationships: treat your inner circle and supportive family and friends as the most important people in your life… because they are! Communicate clearly to ensure that nothing gets lost in translation, remember you are the most important person in your life, do what needs to be done when there is a problem and address them with an open mind and open heart to ensure you are listening and being heard.

•   Most Important Part: always be who you are and never anything else. You are beautiful as you are and you are worthy of positive, loving close relationships.

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