28 Days of Self Love Challenge

Self love isn’t about changing who you are. It is about accepting and loving the difficult parts and easy parts.

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DAY 1: Set a Positive Realistic Goal

What good habit do you want to begin this month?             

What have you tried that didn’t work in the past? 

Don’t blame yourself for not being successful in the past – the solution was the problem not you. Think outside the box to find a different solution or get help this time to be more successful.

Take for example, eating better. Each week look for healthy recipes, shop for the week and pre make and freeze meals for busier days. Or get meals delivered if you have had a hard time keeping up with it or you don’t like cooking or don’t have time. Don’t try to be something your not! 

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DAY 2: Social Media

Look at your social media accounts. Unfollow anyone who makes you feel bad about yourself.

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DAY 3: Forgive yourself.

We are all doing the best we can at every moment. You are human and supposed to make mistakes. It is how we all learn. Is there something you’re holding on to? Resolve the solution, if necessary – take responsibility for your mistake and learn a new way to do things. 


Day 4: Organize

Organize your closet or dresser. Get rid of things you haven’t worn in a year or are too big or small.


DAY 5: Accepting COmpliments

What compliment do you struggle accepting the most about yourself? Remind yourself that you don’t have to be perfect or do this thing to alwaysdeserve the compliment. In that moment, you did deserve it! Keep track of how often you exhibit that trait for the month and how often your complimented about it. All you need is a majority of the time, for it to be valid.

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Day 6: Relax & Rejuvenate

Light some scented candles and take a long bath or shower. 


DAY 7: Believe in yourself

Stop limiting beliefs about yourself. Recognize when you are stating absolutes about yourself. Restate these with “sometimes I…”


Day 8: do something kind for yourself

Put away your tablet or phone for half an hour each day and do something kind for yourself. For example, read that book you have always wanted to read, make art, meditate or learn to, write in a journal… 


Day 9: Set a new boundary. 

Where are you struggling with boundaries? What are you afraid will happen if you set those boundaries? Reality test these fears with what has happened in the past and/or how you could handle things if those fears came to fruition. Try setting one new boundary consistently for the rest of the month.


Day 10: what are you grateful for? 

Write down 5 things that you are happy about /grateful for in your life. Then read this list each morning before you get out of bed.


Day 11: Slow down.

Pick one activity you regularly do and slow down during it. Be mindful of how you feel, what is going on in your body, what your senses are picking up. For example if you drink coffee each morning, smell the coffee, feel the temperature on your hands and mouth, taste the bitter or sweetness, feel how your whole body warms up after half the mug. Enjoy the ritual of it.


Day 12: Finish what you started. 

Do something today that you have been putting off. Allow yourself to feel the relief after and notice how it was easier than you had imagined it would be.

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Day 13: What would you be amazed of now?

What would your younger self be amazed and happy with you today? Write these things down and review them each week. Add to them as time goes on.

Day 14: Get ready and go out

Dress in your favorite clothes and take yourself out for a nice dinner. Sit at the bar if you’re uncomfortable at a table.

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Day 15: How’s your support system?

What does your support system look like? How can you make it stronger? 

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Day 16: Get a massage.

Don’t talk during it. Focus on what your feeling in your body.

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Day 17: Write down what you are proud of.

Write on a slip of paper each day something you are proud about yourself for doing/saying/being and put them in a jar. Use them in the future when you are feeling down about yourself to remember what is true about you.


Day 18: Clean out your email in box.  

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Day 19: Ask for help

If there is something you have been struggling with ask for help. Remind yourself that you don’t have to do or be it all. Honor your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses. Everyone has both. Asking for help with a weakness doesn’t mean you are weak! It means you’re balanced and human.

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Day 20: Buy something that makes you feel good

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Day 21: Don’t Compare

Notice when you’re comparing yourself to someone else and stop yourself. We usually only compare in ways that make us feel worse and there are too many variables to make any comparison valid. Tell yourself you are good enough just for who you are.

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Day 22: Check in with your feelings

Check in with your feelings throughout the day. Notice when you felt frustrated, sad/hurt, worried or happy that day and give yourself permission to feel those feelings.

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Day 23: Listen to something uplifting

Listen to something that makes you feel confident, inspires you, or gives you hope.

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Day 24: Don’t Assume

Notice when you are making an assumption and instead ask the other person what they are thinking/wanting/meaning. Often we live our life believing these without ever finding out the truth. By doing this we continue to write a story about ourselves that makes us feel bad and behave in ways that reinforce the story. 

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Day 25: Practice negotiating the win - win solution for both of you.

It is NOT selfish to ask for what you want or take your feelings/ desires into consideration. Your feelings matter equally to others in your life. Notice when you’re giving in to someone else and instead state your wants.

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Day 26: Stop shaming yourself.

Notice when you are saying “I should “ and replace it with “I want”.

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Day 27: Stop the perfectionism.

Notice when you minimize yourself, activities, behaviors, when they aren’t perfect and instead appreciate the specific things that were accomplished/done/said etc

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Day 28: Give yourself credit

Give yourself credit for trying some or all of these days. Notice the ones that were hard for you. Give yourself permission to get help with those and to continue with the others into the next month.